About Apna Garment

First choice of India to buy and sell wholesale readymade garments.

Reasons We Started ApnaGarment

In India, the wholesale readymade garment industry is huge.

For context, In Metiabruz (located in Kolkata) alone the annual turnover in this industry was 5,600% in 2016.

And, it is expected to grow at a 10% rate.

But the major problem is the lack of technology and efficiency.

Specially in Kolkata, the whole buying and selling process is done via offline markets.

Meaning sellers and buyers will come to the marketplace for at least 1/2 a week.

In fact, many buyers also travel from one state to another just to get the best deal.

Likewise, sellers also spend 1/2 days of the week to go the marketplace and display their products to potential buyers.

In Kolkata, most of the marketplace opens from 5 am – 6 pm. Even more.

Time & effort consuming system.

Also, there is a restriction for every buyer to reach a huge number of potential buyers.

1000s+ sellers are coming to the marketplace.

Even if 10,000 buyers come to the marketplace, every seller will have 10 potential buyers on average.

Plus, geographical restriction.

Likewise, the buyers will have to travel a lot of the time to get the best deal.

That too from only a certain number of garment sellers.

In India, there are 100k+ sellers & every buyer has access to only a few thousand garment manufacturers.

There has to be a better solution.

Introducing Apna Garment

Apna Garment is a B2B marketplace where wholesale garment buyers can connect garment manufacturers all over India.

That too from your mobile phone and you’re a few clicks away to find the best deal for your garment business.

How Apna Garment will help you

Currently, many garment businesses are getting majority of their leads and sales through offline stores or garment market. This not only cost time, and effort but also budget to rent/buy offline store.

Plus, it is difficult to scale the business with an offline stores But here the scenario is different with ApnaGarment. The goal of building this platform is to enable an easy way to grow your garment business online.

This will help garment manufacturers in:

  • Getting qualified leads online from all over India
  • Reaching a large number of potential customers
  • Being accessible online 24/7

This will help wholesale garment buyers in:

  • Finding manufacturers in just a few seconds
  • Contacting the sellers without a middle man.

If you have any suggestions or queries, email us at [email protected] Or, contact us at 6290772159